Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera (AHB) – 8th Asset Injection

Pelaburan Hartanah Berhad (“PHB”), as the Sponsor and Maybank Asset Management, as the Manager of Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera (“AHB” or “the Fund”), wish to announce that on 29 September 2022, PHB, has entered into an agreement to sell the beneficial interest in Hospital Pakar Damansara 2 and Marlborough College to AmanahRaya Trustees Berhad (“ART”), as the Trustee of the Fund, for a consideration of RM650,000,000 payable via issuance of new AHB units. PHB and ART have also agreed for Menara 1 Sentrum (previously known as 1 Sentrum) to be substituted with the same asset and reinjected at a higher injection value vide notice of exercise of the Substitution Undertaking dated 29 August 2022 for a consideration of an additional RM150,000,000 payable via issuance of new AHB units in addition to its existing injected value of RM200,000,000.


Pursuant to the Lease Agreement dated 29 September 2022 entered into between PHB and ART, ART leases Hospital Pakar Damansara 2, Marlborough College and Menara 1 Sentrum to PHB at a lease rental of RM45 million per annum to the Fund for a 10-year lease term commencing from 1 December 2022.


Hospital Pakar Damansara 2 is an 11-storey 300 bed hospital building with 4 floors of podium 522 car parking bays. Marlborough College is a complex of college buildings of an international education institution with boarding facilities and other amenities. Menara 1 Sentrum is a 27-storey office tower located above part of a 7-storey podium shopping mall and 4 levels basement parking.


AHB units are available for subscription from 1 December 2022 at all Maybank, AmBank and AmBank Islamic branches nationwide. A copy of the First Supplementary Prospectus dated 30 November 2022 (which supplements the Prospectus dated 1 December 2020) in relation to the 8th Asset Injection can be obtained from


This announcement is dated 30 November 2022.


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